The woods // a warm guest playlist.

  Two country-loving friends of mine, Reuben and Katie, kindly agreed to each compile a rural inspired playlist. You may have seen them around on this little space of mine. Hereon are their recommendations, some of which I've taken to my own liking.

  Of the lot, I most enjoy The Woods by Hollow Coves. // I'm in an alternative place now. Perhaps not where I'd quite like to be, but I know there are perfectly sound reasons for my participation. Reasons that I may have been trying so desperately to suppress, that I now know I need to live with. In this temporary haze, sentimental feelings and fears have come to revisit. I've drunk copious amounts of honey lemon solutions, squeezed in plans, witnessed herbal therapy and lived in the aftermath of countless fires. Smoke, haze, ashes. // Of all things, I miss the woods. My short stay at camp has me yearning for its escape. I miss the crisp air and damp shrubbery, amongst all forest enclosures. Confined, but so boundless at the same time. The magnitude of unabraded nature encompassed all around me, making me feel small. The supermoon bright enough to tinge the skies midnight blue. That's what I need to be in touch with - the expansion of my horizons alongside tangible wonders.

ALSO, there is something really important to me, if you'll allow it. So. Animal rights + classical conditioning. From young I've always been a meat-eater. I'd never questioned the notion of eating animals much like any other. Though, recently it has come to my attention that it's not a lifestyle I choose to pursue. The luxury and satisfaction of animals as food has become less appealing to me, so much so that I am willing to give it up. (Coming from a girl who enjoys her lamb chops - but in retrospect, also being in awe at the adorable lambs at the petting zoo.) As much as I am human and focus very much on my kind, I think it is essential not to detach ourselves from other sentient beings. Veganism is something I would like to take on. As a first step, I've been attempting vegetarianism for the past 3 weeks and have managed to stay clean off meat from land animals. So deem me pescatarian for now, if you will. Many a time, such a topic has come up in conversation over a meal and I can't help but feel that awareness is necessary. My choice stems from awareness, which of course brought discomfort, but I knew that living in contradiction would be against my ideals. I feel as if it's essential to know where what you're putting into your body comes from. I would love to go on and on about this but I don't want to inflict any sense of negativity/guilt upon anyone. If you're curious, I suggest you take to finding out for yourself. I would be more than willing to enlighten, so do ask away. If you're interested, I do urge you to spend some time having at these links.


Something good can work.

  Exam time has come round again and done its full circle - and now, I can say I'm finally free! (For now, at least.) What a massive burden to have been lifted right off my shoulders. As for these few days, I've been cramming in as many social plans as I can. I'll be dedicating myself to writing more and more in the weeks to come, too. 

  As you may know, I've been taking my writing to other platforms. I never thought I'd be rewarded with this much contentment as much as motivation. It's been great. Amidst all the academic pressure I've found my source of solace again - in my passion for writing. Back to the good old roots; setting aside time to cultivate and transcribe my thoughts just makes me so happy. I'm so thankful to be able to put my love for writing to good use, in conjunction with offered, tangible experiences. // I've previously linked my review of the local play Cloudstreet, which won my heart. Now, for the exciting news (as hinted): I've been gifted with the surreal opportunity to interview Sean Caskey of Last Dinosaurs before the band embarked on their 'Wellness' national tour. You can read it here.

  To grasp how the so-called creative process works, you'd have to understand that one's environment is equally as fundamental as the mind's innerworkings. WeWork, a community revolving round the virtues of interaction and inspiration, inspired this post and I couldn't think of anything more relevant in regards to my recent modus vivendi.
  The truth is, I don't have a set workspace. Wherever suits my fancy is my chosen site for working. It could be anywhere - a hotel room, backyard, cafĂ©, library, the list carries on. For some reason, I seem to work a lot in the comfort of my own bed - or anywhere else that feels equally familiar/charming. They say you shouldn't work where you sleep, but in the case of me thriving as a nocturnal being, it's a place where I generate quite a lot of my ideas. On the contrary, I also enjoy working where natural light is abundant.

  Whether it be work regarding school, blogging or personal hobbies, this conceived construct of my own workplace knows almost no bounds. Travelling often sees me doing my work in any minimalistic setting, with earthy undertones - either sitting on the balcony or pristinely twin beds.

Music // keeps me both relaxed and in the zone. It's indispensable. It brings atmosphere. I'm not great at working when it comes to a silent space. Good music propels me to do my best, and activates my brain to switch on. For most it serves as a distraction - whereas for me, it leads me to a greater state of productivity. The key is to pick something upbeat and carefree, or subdued and slower paced.

Snacks // are essentially fuel. What do you do without fuel? Your system stops working. See, snacks come in real handy when you're in need of a solid pick-me-up. Have you ever seen someone turn down food for comfort? I think not. By looking forward to delectable rewards, I find that I'm more enthusiastic to complete any task. I fancy fruits of most varieties (dried, frozen or fresh), muesli, Greek yogurt, and herbal tea. Maybe it's something about those anti-oxidants that keeps me creative - or so I like to think.
Lists // are what I take to be gospel. I write a superfluous amount of lists. Being an avid thinker has me struggling to organize my thoughts, therefore, I enjoy pencilling in whatever comes to mind. Not to mention, ticking off each box is a feeling like no other. It's effective for keeping on top of your priorities and ideas. If you haven't tried using lists before, I urge you to give it a go sometime. Simply chuck some post-it notes up on your wall, or unleash your countless inner ramblings in point form. Conquer one task at a time. In no time you'll be seeing yourself to the doorway of achievement. Such an easy change could readily work to your advantage.

  These are just a couple of components that go into my workspace. Now, I'd love to know what your workspace and/or work process is like. Do you enjoy tasteful clutter or blank space? Silence or noise?

  A special thanks to WeWork for the dose of inspiration - I'm admiring of their mission to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. In doing that, their core values are to be inspired, entrepreneurial, authentic, tenacious, grateful and together. WeWork aims to promote connections with one another whom are equally like-minded, and bring support to those who need it. WeWork additionally provides co-working spaces and benefits that make it possible for individuals to take one step closer to their grand plans. They also have an online member network for connecting with other members all over the globe. If this is of any interest to you, do check them out! It's a great community, on the forefront of positive and driven people. And with the right environment and people, almost any high-scale goal may be granted.


CLOUDSTREET // theatre review.

Do you believe in miracles? I recently had the luxury of witnessing one at the State Theatre Centre in Western Australia. Not long ago, Yuxian suggested that we snap up our tickets for the closing night of Cloudstreet, a local production with tickets selling fast. Adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo, the play is a powerful stage adaptation of Tim Winton’s acclaimed 1991 novel. As noted by director Gregory Jones, it delves into the themes of “spirituality, inclusion, community and a sense of belonging.” Cloudstreet hits particularly close to home, proving to be one of the most successful works of Western Australian drama.


Musical Muses #9 // 2015 CONTINUED...

  Because the sheer amount of releases from my favourite artists has been overwhelming, I decided it'd only be fitting to compile a Part 2 to my previous post! Can you believe it? It's incredulity at its finest.

  It's taken me more than a while to post this, which I accredit to the fact that they're all being released in increments. (They've been such teases. There's more still on the way, so I might have to make another post. As per usual I'll just be hanging around and leeching off any sign of new music.) Anywho, let me be that conduit to the handful of great tunes!

Tame Impala // Currents There's no doubt I've had my heart set on Let It Happen, Eventually and 'Cause I'm A Man ever since they came out - but from the string of songs that came new to me upon release date, so I've been really digging: The Moment + Nangs + The Less I Know The Better + Love/Paranoia Gossip  New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Day Wave // Headcase I've already showcased Drag beforehand, and no joke, I really do adore that song. There's just something about the nostalgic lo-fi vibes of Day Wave I never tire of. No questions, just pure love and hype. The following I've been humming: We Try but We Don't Fit In + Nothing At All + Total Zombie

Last Dinosaurs // Wellness I am super excited to say that I'll be seeing them live in October! Having bands come to town and go, whilst being denied the access to relish them (18+ sucks) has been livid torture. However, Last Dinosaurs finally listened to our call and now they're back for an album tour, with underage gigs. I can't wait! Some exciting stuff coming soon. Brand new picks: Karma + Wellness + Always + Purist + Stream + Wurl + Take Your Time + Zero (basically all?!)

GOVS // 6teenDRE'am [night xo] Possibly one of the most gorgeous voices in all of my music history, I was thrilled to see GOVS back with more. His previous works have accompanied me on the most alienated of nights. My appetite has yearned for more, and bam, yearn and you shall receive.

Beach House // Depression Cherry Need I say more? Beach House has been a dreamy go-to for me, for some time now. I'm just glad I can continue relishing in those feelings of washed out, sublime gold.

Atlas Genius // Inanimate Objects Never thought I'd like their new sound as much as I thought I do now; I'm quite fond of Stockholm + The Stone Mill + Molecules + The Perfect End, to be quite frank!


Good grief I have just been listening to these two tracks on repeat, as soon as they emerged. Look out for Slum Sociable; it seems that even their first 2 debut tracks have taken the world by storm.


Another excellent electronica recommendation from Beni. (It seems I'll have to feature her on this space some time soon. A real Musical Muse, anyone?)


These Triple J Unearthed High finalists are really something. Local, yes - but talented? Absolutely. I can't wait to they make more headlines and even have a couple live shows of their own. Good on them for getting so far ahead at our age. And I can say with pride: hey look, our local musical scene is outstanding, too!


Cub Sport // just gives me all the unexplainable feels. I can't thank Beni enough for introducing to me amazing bands, time and time again. Feast your ears on: Hands + Paradise + Told You So

The Mowgli's // I'm Good Another immensely feel-good track - as you've guessed it, thanks to Beni. Exceptional for faking it till you make it.

Oceanics // (self-titled album) Broken Record by these fellas has held a special place in my heart, ever since I found it. I knew I had to find more of their work. So. I went digging (and I found the gold!): Gimme The Rush + Electric Heart + Outer Side + Broken Record + Know Your Story

Superhumanoids // Exhibitionists Now here's one I never thought I'd enjoy. But I do. Perhaps you will too. Appreciation on rotation: So Strange + Bad Weather + Geri + Free State Black Widow

(As you may have noticed, I restarted my Soundcloud account @hiraethist. If you've got one, I'd love to know what it is!)



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